B.E.T - DOMINIQUE "SONICFOX" MCLEAN by bradlee rutledge


I recently got hired to follow Dominique "Sonicfox" Mclean around while on assignment for B.E.T at the Injustice 2 tournament in Orlando, Florida. I can't ever say I was the biggest gamer in my younger years. For all the flack pro gamers catch the top level gamers have an insane amount of skill. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone press buttons as fast as Sonicfox. His ability to think ahead 3-4 moves is what separates him as one of the worlds best. Also, his knowledge of all the characters and their strengths and weaknesses is something that most people underestimate. He knows his opponents strengths and weaknesses as well as the character they chose to fight with. You can read more about Sonicfox here in his interview with B.E.T.